Desserts have been my all-time favorite part of the meal. If I am invited to dinner I would be more interested in desserts. I love having good fancy desserts. Somehow, getting a chance to eat a delicious dessert is very rare, so this time I decided to make this by myself for my family.

This berries trifle is super easy, quick and tastes irresistibly good. I can bet, if you make this for your friends, it will be gone within minutes.

Try this recipe this weekend and your family is going to love it for sure.

You can use any fruit you want. I would recommend if you are using berries then just use berries, no other fruit. If it’s pineapple, make it with a fruit cocktail.

Use a bigger serving dish if you have more guests so you could have something left for you too.

You can try this recipe with bananas, strawberries, mangoes, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple fruit cocktail. or peach, etc.

Things you need for trifle dessert

1 pack of Pound Loaf cake sliced 

1 pack of Vanilla pudding (containing 4 servings)

1/2 cup Heath toffee bits (as per tor

1 Cool whip container

Chocolate syrup as you like

Strawberries 1 box or more

Blueberries 1 box or more

How to make a trifle dessert super quick

Step 1: Cut loaf cake in small pieces. Or you can hand crush a few slices, layer it on the bottom of the dessert serving dish. You can choose any size that would cater to the number of guests.

Step 2: Top the crushed loaf cake with vanilla pudding. I used just two servings because it is a small serving dish and not too high.

Step:3 Now you Sprinkle health bits all over uniformly.

Step 4: Add fruits of your choice, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, or pineapple and do not go overboard. I would recommend you to use One or two complementing fruits. Adding too many different fruits would not be a good choice.

I only used strawberries for layering.

Step 5: Next, you add a layer of chocolate syrup on top. Pour generously all over.

You can repeat the layers process as many times you like.

Add more crushed cake on top and sprinkle some more health bar toffee bits.

Depending on the expected number of guests you can add more layers of cake slice and vanilla pudding. Repeat layers once you reach the required height of your serving dish. 

Step 6: Apply a smooth layer of cool whip on top of everything. Now you can decorate with strawberries and blueberries or any other fruit you like. However, strawberries and bananas work great if used in combination.

You might want to add some cool whip in couple more layers if you are adding more and more layers to your serving dish.

Cover with a plastic wrap and refrigerate. Do not put it in the freezer. You can make it a day before.

You can try this recipe any season you want. Make it a festive dessert.

Let me know in the comments and share your ideas about your favorite desserts.