Are you looking for a Christmas dessert recipe to win your family’s heart and taste buds?

These 16 dessert recipes are perfect for your family and loved ones this holiday season:

1. Mexican Chocolate Trifle

A hint of cinnamon and chipotle in a brownie provides the base for this indulgent Mexican Chocolate Trifle with Orange Curd and Pomegranate Pudding. The fresh orange curd gets a hint of cinnamon, and the pomegranate pudding with its pomegranate juice, pomegranate molasses, and pomegranate arils gets thickened with tapioca. The result is a festive, holiday trifle with vibrant and fresh Mexican flavor! Fantástico!

Mexican chocolate trifle with orange curd by BeyondMereSustance.

2. English Christmas Trifle

Trifle is a classic English dessert, with layers of pound cake, Creme Anglais, fresh fruit, and whipped cream. This holiday trifle uses raspberries and poached pears, making it as delicious as it is beautiful.

Isn’t this gorgeous? Try this beautiful english Christmas trifle by WhataGirl Eats.

3. Instant Pot Oreo Cheesecake

This rich and creamy Instant Pot Oreo Cheesecake is the ultimate cookies and cream cheesecake. This cheesecake has Oreos in the crust, in the filling, and on top for a triple dose of Oreos.

Instant pot Oreo cheesecake by UpstateRamblings.

A beautiful holiday cake made with fresh orange zest and sweet dried cranberries.

4. Orange Cranberry Poundcake

Orange cranberry cake by TheOrganicKitchen

5. French Cream Cake with Maple Cream

Rich vanilla cream cake frosted with maple cream cheese and embellished with cinnamon pecans.

French cream cake with maple cream by TheOrganicKitchen

6. Yule Log Cake

This traditional Yule Log cake is a showstopper dessert with a creamy mocha swirl.

Yule log cake by SavyMamaLifestyle

7. Candy Cane icecream Pie

Candy cane ice cream pie is a festive holiday dessert that is so easy to make! A chocolate cookie crust holds creamy candy cane ice cream, hot fudge, and crushed candy canes.

Get this easy and quick candy cane ice cream pie recipe by WhataGirlEats.

8. Layered Peppermint Dessert

The best flavors of the holiday season come together in this easy to make Layered Peppermint Holiday Dessert. Serve for Christmas or anytime, so yummy!

Easy layered peppermint holiday dessert by WhoNeedsACape

9. Mango Yule Log Cake

This delicious Mango Yule Log Gingerbread Cake is a delicious sweet roulade that features homemade spiced gingerbread cake and fresh mango cream filling for a festive holiday dessert. Everyone around the table will love it.

Get the recipe by EmilyKyleNutrition

10. Peppermint Roulade

Peppermint Roulade is a candy cane cake roll. A red and white striped sponge-cake-roll is filled with white chocolate peppermint cream and chunks of crushed candy canes.

Get this peppermint stripe Cake roll recipe by Baking-sense

11. Yule log

Super easy and gluten-free Yule Log, a wonderful dessert for any holiday occasion! Decorate with frosting to give it a bark look, or just leave it plain!

Delicious yule log by ChristinaScucina

12. Tres Leches cake

This easy to make dessert is a combination of two famous Puerto Rican recipes, coquito (Puerto Rican eggnog) and tres leches cake. This super moist cake is covered in whipped topping and toasted coconut and topped with cherries for a festive holiday treat.

Get the awesome cake recipe by KidsAreaTrip.

13. Baileys Chocolate cheesecake

This mouthwatering Baileys chocolate cheesecake has a layer of chocolate ganache on top of the biscuit base which adds even more luxury to an already decadent creamy dessert.

Get the recipe by Neilshealthymeals

14. Salted chocolate Graham Bites

Need a bunch of treats, fast and easy?! These Salted Chocolate Graham Bites are not only super sweet but delicious and fun too.

Get this recipe by Thefreshcooky

15. Toffee butter bars

This homemade Toffee recipe comes from my mom – a Christmas tradition I’ve been enjoying since I was a kid. With buttery toffee, chocolate, and nuts, it tastes like a Heath candy bar!

Toffee butter bar recipe by TheFarmgirlsdabbles

16. Red velvet cake roll

This spectacular red velvet roll cake features the best of all Christmas flavors. You would not want to miss it this Christmas!

Get the recipe of red velvet cake by PlatterTalk.

Banana Walnut Dessert

This banana dessert is delicious with a nutty flavor of walnuts, and a crunchy flavor of chocolate chips inside. A must try to please your guests with the best!

Get the recipe here