Kitchen is the heart of every home. Making your kitchen an easy place for you that is not a hassle or tough place to be, should be the goal of every homemaker. Getting useful kitchen gadgets to have you spend less time in the kitchen is going to make your life easy and stressfree.

Kitchen gadgets that make your life easy in the kitchen and stressfree

1. Vegetable wash and drain grill

This grill is a great way to wash vegetables you are going to use and drain them.

2. Pizza cutter

This pizza cutter is a must have for every kitchen as it has safe side to hold the roller and you can easily make slices.

3. Water melon slicer

This unique gadget is a useful 2 in 1 tool. It can be used a slicer and a corer. easy and fun way to cut water melon in cubes without any mess.

4. Meat tenderizer 

You need this meat tenderizer for making your marination easy and quick and having your meat cooked fast. This gadget is for every kitchen. 

5. Garlic mincer

This garlic mincer is a must have for those who use fresh garlic for their every day cooking. Using fresh garlic makes food tastier and aromatic at the same time. 

6. Pineapple peeler, corer, and slicer

This is an awesome gadget for pineapple that is going to peel it uniformly and slice evenly, just the way you love it. 


7. Scraper

Using a scraper for cut veggies is a smart way without making your hands messy and especially if you use chillis in everyday cooking, this is going to save your hands from a lot of post chili itching.  


8. Funnels

we all have funnels in the kitchen, but getting this one makes it all different. These are space saving silicon funnels. You use them, wash and then store them and they are not hopping around in your kitchen.

9. Kitchen cleaner brush

These brushes are compatible with almost all of the cordless drill machines. These are going to make your kitchen faucets and other faucets in your home mold free and clean. 


10. Eggs maker

Everyone likes eating eggs in different forms. If you are a big family, this gadget is going to be an awesome gadget to make eggs for everyone. you do not have to wash pan every time you are boiling an egg. Click here and find out what this awesome little guy is capable of. 

11. Phone holder for recipes

Everything is on our phone these days. what to cook today, you are going to Pinterest it and there you go. You have a recipe to cook tonight. 

This gadget is going to hold up your phone so can stay hands-free and focus better on cooking. 

12. Reusable straws for your family

Going environment-friendly and not adding on to the waste, this is a great way to be a good change. Using silicon straws and steel straws which you can wash with a brush for later use to avoid any cleaning issues. 

This is a must-have for every kitchen. 

13. Mittens

You probably already have a set of mittens for your baking needs but why do you need these? These mittens are heat resistant utp 500 degrees Fahrenheit, non-slip and easy to use.

14. Heat resistant Table runner

These heat resistant table runners are pretty and very useful. They are non-slip, washable, heat resistant. These are must-haves for every household. 

15. Kitchen Closet door organizer

You need this closet door organizer if you have small space to store little kitchen items and small spice containers which you do not use on a regular basis. This will adjust pretty much everything about which you are clueless sometimes where to find a designated place. 


16. Easy Grater

This little gadget is for those who love to use lemon zest or cheese lover, who loves grated cheese on salads, soups, etc. 

This comes with a cover and very has easy handling as well. 

17. Onion Slicer

When it comes to making different cuisines, this slicer is so much time saver who uses onions in their every day cooking. 

The biggest advantage is – your hands are not going to smell like onions and not your knife either. 

18. Jar grip mats

These jar drip mats are used for opening new jars and cans. we all have struggled with opening cans one day or the other. This smart product could save you so much sanity and your hands some energy.

19. Strawberry Huller

Who doesn’t like strawberries? We all do and this cute little gadget is making strawberries so easy to cut and eat. This small tool can fit in your drawer for everyday use.


20. Splatter guard

In my family, everyone loves fried food and sometimes I have to fry frozen items and that splatter A LOT. It makes everything greasy and that is something I hate about frying. 

This splatter guard is an awesome product that fits in your low rise pan and does not make anything messy. 

21. Herb Scissor set

If you use cilantro, mint, parsley, basil or any other herbs then this is the scissors you are going to fall in love. Easy to use, no mess and time-saving scissors every household kitchen needs. 

22. Ziplock bags holder

I have been using ziplock bags for a long time and this is something that can be used for packing meat for freezing purpose, lunch snacks for kids, or packing fruits, marinades, sauces and many more. 

23. Recipe book holder

If you are a recipe book person, then this is something you must have for easy reading and following recipe. 

24. Batter Dispenser

Do you cook pancakes or funnel cakes etc? This batter dispenser is an awesome gadget to contain the mess and making pancake life easy in the kitchen. 

25. Meat Claws

Do you do meat shredding like beef or chicken? These claws are used for shredding meat. 

Isn’t it awesome to have without getting your hand messy? 


26. Salad washer and spinner

This easy to use a multi-purpose colander and salad spinner is an awesome product for every kitchen. 

These kitchen gadgets are useful for every kitchen that is going to make your life easy and quick in the kitchen.

Comment below and share what are your favorite kitchen gadgets?


Useful Kitchen Gadgets for every kitchen